How Does This Sound?

Editing and Critiquing for Clear and Concise Writing
to Improve Your Image and Credibility

Welcome! Pull up a chair, and let's talk about your writing.

How well does your writing represent you? Does it project the right image? Did you ignore grammar, punctuation, word usage, and spelling in school, because they really didn't seem important?

Improper grammar makes your work look unprofessional. Improper punctuation and use of the wrong words confuses your reader and dilutes your message. It is possible, though, to sound "folksy" and professional at the same time.

Many people will know you only through your writing, whether that is a job application, a letter to the editor, a submitted manuscript, or advertising copy.

How can I, as an editor, help you?

  • A spell-check program is not a substitute for a good editor. An incorrect word, spelled correctly, will not be picked up by the program. Grammar-check programs can be equally bad, because they do not usually look at enough of the writing to understand the context.
  • Even if you can edit other people's writing, you may not be able to edit your own, because you will tend to see what you expect to see.
  • Even if it's clear to you, it may be confusing to someone else; you know what you meant to say.
  • If you are not a native English speaker, dictionaries and translation programs may send your writing in the wrong direction. I can help you say what you meant.

Contact me for assistance with your writing, whatever the size and complexity.

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